FRADIMÉ - Behind the Brand

FRADIMÉ - Behind the Brand

Founded in 2020 by Morgan Thornton, FRADIMÉ is a British luxury streetwear brand that creates premium collections using high-performance fabrics and minimalist designs. 

We make clothes we want to wear.

It might not be the most groundbreaking or innovative tagline you’ll ever read, but it’s true. The oversized hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants you see on our website are the same items you’ll find in our wardrobes at home. We’re about feeling good in what we wear, from a style and comfort aspect. It isn’t about throwing threads together and putting out whatever is trending, we create classic and essential designs that will last season after season, not to mention hold up in the washing machine.” Morgan Thorton, Founder. 

Initially named Fractured Dimensions, Morgan hit a hurdle when designers pointed out issues with duplicating letters, the curse of ‘double d’ in this instance, so a quick name change was agreed. Taking ‘fra’ from Fractured and ‘dime’ from Dimensions, FRADIMÉ was born.

The name wasn’t the only change in the early days. Morgan’s vision for the brand was to create a line that skaters could be seen in whilst showing off their skills. He wanted to include imaginative graphics that aligned with his contemporary style and love of abstract art, however he feared this could isolate his audience. After trialling a few items under Fractured Dimensions, Morgan wasn’t happy with the direction of which the company was going and brought on board Fiston Hoyi as Creative Director. Fiston came equipped with an impressive portfolio he’d developed through a successful career within the fashion industry. He knew what designs would complement the brand without straying too far from Morgan’s ideas, and together they stripped back some of the designs and focused on muted tones to reinforce a luxurious feel.

A snapshot of the current working environment includes the team operating from different locations around the world. FRADIMÉ headquarters is still proudly running from an outlet in the North of England where the team hand-finish, pack and ship out all products. Members of the creative team are based in Dubai where they shoot a variety of campaigns and connect with content creators to produce luxury-inspired visuals for the website and social media. 

FRADIMÉ’s Fundamental Collection has already proven to be a popular choice with stock selling faster than expected. The collection includes oversized t-shirts in a range of colours from classic black, marl grey and vintage black to the latest line of beige, green, brown and grey. The oversized t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants also come in various designs with the Fundamental Freedom hoodie being the highest in demand, closely followed by the Varsity line.

In efforts to promote FRADIMÉ, the team has worked on multiple social media and email marketing campaigns to launch the brand and build a following. Employing professional photographers and models, the brand’s Instagram account is all about capturing the best of the collection. Quality isn’t just in the clothing, it’s clear in the content the team produces. Choosing to focus on the continued growth of the brand and build a community, FRADIMÉ’s strategy is to collaborate with content creators, artists, musicians and events across the country. 

There is no limit to what FRADIMÉ can achieve. Every member of the team is working towards the same goal which is to steer people away from fast fashion and invest in quality, sustainable streetwear clothing.

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